Our 100% Organic coffee is grown at high altitudes in the Andes Mountains at 1750 metres above sea level in the Chanchamayo District, Central Peru. 

Higher altitudes typically produce exceptional quality coffee with complex flavours and a sweet nutty taste.

These beans have been organically grown free from chemicals and other additives.

Roasted Coffee

When it comes to flavour, these Arabica beans create a well-balanced cup that has depth, smoothness and low acidity. In particular smooth nutty and chocolatey undertones shine through. This is the advantage of a single origin coffee – the flavour expressions of a country stand out.

Our organic coffee beans are roasted in small batches to preserve the purist flavours.

You can enjoy our roasted Peruvian coffee at any of our wholesale locations or at home by purchasing our whole or ground beans.

Green Coffee

Whether you are a boutique coffee roaster or enjoy roasting your own coffee beans at home, Inka Coffee is committed to supplying the best and freshest green coffee beans to customers whether large or small.

Our green coffee is stored in optimal conditions in a specially designed and insulated store room which is kept at a consistent temperature of 22 degrees with 60% humidity. 

We offer a free delivery service to the local Cairns area and also service Port Douglas, the Atherton Tablelands and south to Innisfail and Townsville.

*Shipping charges may apply outside of the North Queensland Region.